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Marissa Muscles

Marissa Pellegrino is fitness and gymnastics instructor at Relentless Fitness in Philadelphia, PA. She has been involved in the sport of gymnastics for a little over 25 years and has been working with kids for the last 10 years. Kid Relentless is her chance to affect change in youth by promoting healthy lifestyles.

Get fit, be fit, and stay fit!


Marissa's Story

After competing in the sport of gymnastics for 12 years, I realized gymnastics was the only thing I truly knew. Once I graduated high school, I decided to go to college and really focus on my studies, no more competing!

However, I would not stray too far from the sport; I began teaching at a local gymnastics center. I ran classes, trained the team, and choreographed routines. From the time I was 18 years old, I was working with kids to help them understand their bodies, movements, and the sport of gymnastics.

Teaching students from 18 months - 18 years old, I had to learn to work with different age groups, skill sets, potentials, and goals. I fell in love with making kids feel good about themselves, accomplished! It's very satisfying to watch someone overcome obstacles and know that you helped them achieve their goal.

I never intended to stick with teaching gymnastics; it was just a way to provide for myself as I continued through school. I wanted to go into a helping profession. I went to Temple University to study at the School of Social Administration to become a Social Worker.

• • •

Working with at risk youth in North Philadelphia for 3 years allowed me to see the lack of connection between mind and body. This idea that mental health and physical health were connected was absent. Working in the physical world for so long and seeing the benefits it provided to youth, I wanted to add those principals to my experience in social services.

Creating Kid Relentless was my opportunity to affect change in youth on my own terms. Although Social Work had become the goal, I found that my passion was still teaching and promoting fitness. Dedicating myself 100% to fitness and gymnastics, opening Relentless Fitness in Philadelphia naturally seemed to be the next step.

• • •

After working at KMC Gymnastics for 8 years, it was time to say good-bye. I had built wonderful relationships with my students and their families. It was very difficult to move on without them nearby. Creating Kid Relentless at Home was one way to stay connected and involved in the lives of my students. In addition to that connection, I hoped to reach other kids all over the country and the world looking to enhance their skills. Helping kids achieve their goals and being proud of their accomplishments allows me to promote the physical, mental, and emotional connection within the body.

I want to be a role model for youth. I want to continue to promote fitness and healthy living to anyone who will listen. This is my path and this is my life, I want to share my experience and knowledge with kids so they may reach their full potential in all that they do!


Don Furrer

"Competing and coaching in the sport for over 40 years I think I can recognize a good gymnastics teacher. Marissa is one of the best I have ever worked with. She has enthusiasm and patience with the children and is a great communicator with the parents."

Don Furrer, Program Director KMC Dance & Gymnastics Inc.
Brittany Meola

"After being a student of Marissa for over 5 years, I have not only become a better gymnast but a better person too. After practice with Marissa, you feel good about yourself and proud of what you have done. Marissa has a special way of encouraging and motivating me with all of my goals."

Brittany Meola, 14 years old

"Marissa has taught my son and daughter for the last 7 years first in classes and now as a private coach. She has helped to develop their strength and skill as well as their confidence. My kids love their time with her and I appreciate her patience and ability to motivate. I highly recommend her as a teacher."

Bev Kozlowski