Gymnastics and Fitness Videos for Kids
By marissa
October 21st, 2010

Can you jump rope?

Can your kids jump rope?

Jumping rope is a wonderful way to keep fit and have fun. It is inexpensive, portable, and really enjoyable! Working with kids in fitness, I try to incorporate jumping rope as a way to enhance their fitness level. Jumping rope increases endurance, agility, and coordination. Kids are quick to pick up the basics of jumping rope and I find they like setting personal best continuous jumps.

Jumping rope can be done individually or in groups, but it still has the same effect. With a lot of patience and practice you could jump as well as the Kangaroo Kids.

Creating a challenge for kids to work towards is a fantastic way to promote positive self-esteem, hard work, and dedication because they are setting a goal and working towards achieving it. Jumping rope also breeds creativity, along with the amount of jumps one can do, the kinds of jumps, and the combination of them all together is all about self-expression, which I love! How many continuous jumps can you get? What kind of routine will you create?

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