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Happy Hiking!
By marissa
October 8th, 2010

Promoting fitness and overall wellness, I find that it is so important to connect the mind and the body. Hiking and trekking are great ways to strengthen the mind/body connection. Some of the benefits of hiking include;

  • losing excess pounds
  • preventing heart disease
  • improving and maintaining mental health
  • slowing the aging process
  • improving the quality of the air we breathe
  • preventing and controlling diabetes
  • improving arthritis
  • relieving back pain
  • gain habits for a healthy life i.e. team building skills, positive attitude, kindness, empathy.

“Literally, anyone can put on a pair of shoes along with few necessary gears and equipments and start moving into the woods for a little fresh air—this is called hiking. The scenery, accessibility and diverse nature of hiking trails make this heart-healthy pastime attractive for people of all ages, fitness levels and income brackets. Moreover, except few points, hiking and trekking don’t require any special expertise and skills.”
The Health Benefits Of Hiking And Trekking?

Going on a hike is also a nice way to spend time as a family, parents taking action and being physically active with their kids is one of the best ways to pass on healthy habits. Find local hiking near you and reap the benefits that nature has to offer!

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