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Food = Fuel!
By marissa
October 7th, 2010

I am a huge advocate for getting kids moving, learning about their bodies, and gaining a positive self-image, but I am equally passionate about promoting healthy eating habits! Nutrition is more than half the battle and if we can get kids thinking about the foods they consume now, we are setting them up to win in the future.

Since January, 2010 I have been following a primal/paleo lifestyle and have seen amazing results from clean eating! Consuming whole foods, and eliminating all processed carbs has changed the way I view food as well as diet and nutrition. Imagine a food pyramid that looks like this:

A wonderful resource and great place to gain more information on being primal is Mark’s Daily Apple. Mark helps make this idea of being primal come to life, and the recipes are AMAZING! Another site that helps put things in perspective is Everyday Paleo, started by a busy mother, wife, and coach. She offers recipes, news, and workout tips that can add variety and ease to your day.

Not sure what’s for dinner? How about a primal/paleo feast?

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